Zebra Fights Lion in Animal Planet Near Little America Hotel & Resort

Zebra Fights Lion in Animal Planet Near Little America Hotel & Resort  for their lives the other day when some men from discovery channel went in the forest. Those men wanted to make a short documentary on the wildlife that how do animals survive in the forest when they are hungry. They all were shocked to see all the animals fighting each other.

Lions and Zebras of animal planet near Little America Hotel & Resort were the two animals which those guys from discovery channel were able to see and capture their videos. Wildlife looked dangerous when lions and zebra were seen fighting each other. Usually lions have been found fighting when they were hungry and they could go and catch any other animal in the forest for their meal.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=554

At the start of the video shooting, lion was seen attacking a lone zebra that went out to drink some water in the forest. The lion slowly and gradually reached near its enemy and than just lashed on to the face of the zebra. Zebra never expected that sharp attack from that dangerous animal of wildlife. Otherwise zebra must have tried to escape from the situation.

The dangerous king of animal planet were in front of Little America Hotel & Resort grabbed the neck of the zebra and never let it move so that it could escape from his hunter. That lion must have attacked and ate many other animals before but this zebra was surely the strongest one of its entire victims. Due to the strongly built zebra of wildlife, the lion could not keep strangle hold on to its neck.

Amazing scenes of animal planet were see behind Little America Hotel & Resort being captured by the guys who were there to make documentary on wildlife. Zebra used his all force and will to stand up on its feet while the lion kept its neck grabbed. In the end the strong zebra managed to get rid of the grip of the lion from its mouth due to its strength.

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