Youngsters Acts Strange for Canada Passport

Youngsters Acts Strange for Canada Passport. Getting nationality of developed countries likes of Canada and Unites States has been uphill task these days as the rules of immigration are tough. So everybody who has this wish of getting passports of those countries could only use illegal ways for settling there. Two brothers who had passports of Canada wanted to bring his two sisters there.

One of their sisters succeeded in getting Canadian nationality. But their way of achieving this goal was not a through proper channel. It was a shameful act for all the brothers and sisters who could never imagine doing this just for the sake of living a luxurious life and desire for the better future overseas. Their act was just to get out of the undeveloped country.

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The news was aired on a private channel that gained the attention of all the viewers. Couple of brothers who had the overseas passports planned to bring their sisters to their new country of living. Due to the tough rules of immigration they decided to use unethical ways to bring their sisters. For this purpose they married their real sisters in documents.

One sister successfully got nationality of Canada and was very happy as their immoral plan worked for them. But the second sister who also married her second brother was unlucky to get caught at the airport when the officials verified her fake documents. An inquiry was held and its findings disclosed their ill legal ways.

Her wish for Canadian nationality could not be fulfilled even after using such a shameful act of marrying his real brother. The main culprit of this whole plan was found to be their third brother who had all the personal contacts with the corrupt officers in the immigration department. Everybody was shocked at their way of going overseas just for the sake of having a better future.

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