Young Lady Drives Ferrari on Dubai Roads

Dubai: A young and beautiful lady drove Ferrari car on the roads of Dubai near Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper of the world. The lady belonged to rich Sheikh Family of UAE and she experienced her first ever driver in Ferrari on the roads of city and enjoyed the driving a lot with her female journalist friend who came to city to cover her driving skills. Both the ladies were so excited about the driving.

In Dubai City, women were not allowed to drive vehicles at all but recent amendments made by the UAE government break this barrier for them now. Therefore, the young lady bought the most expensive Ferrari car and obviously she could afford its price. She was so excited to experience it and she wanted to show it to the whole world.

For this purpose, the lady asked a female journalist of renowned channel to come to Dubai City for the coverage of her first ever driving experience. The journalist responded positively and landed on Dubai Airport through Emirates Airline and stayed in one of the best hotels of the city. She looked excited to cover it as well because she had never seen females driving vehicles on the road of the city.

The female journalist called the young lady of rich Sheikh Family of UAE and informed about her arrival. The young lady picked the journalist from one of the best hotels in Dubai along with camera men. The lady started the Ferrari which was parked near the hotel and when all was set, she put the foot on escalator and vehicle was flying on the roads of the city.

During entire driving time, the young and beautiful Arab girl looked very excited as she was driving the vehicle for the first time in life. The lady who came to Dubai City through Emirates Airline felt as she was still in the plane. The Ferrari’s speed was faster than her expectations but she enjoyed it a lot and made a report on this event with the help of camera recording.

First Ever Driving Experience of Young Lady in Ferrari

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