Young Fast Bowler Bowls like Shoaib Akhtar

New Shoaib Akhtar was found in the cricket camp that was held in the KPK. That young fast bowler clocked 148 Km/h during the camp and amazed everybody with his pace. His bowling speed was very fast same as the Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. The news went viral on the social media and all the commentators started talking about that young talent of Pakistan.

Due to the fame and the name of Shoaib Akhtar, many fast bowlers of this era started to bowl quick in their domestic cricket. They wanted to get the fame and bowl as quick as the Rawalpindi Express bowled. One of the fastest bowler of the country so far came to the cricket camp that was held for the fast bowling hunt. He clocked the same speed as Rawalpindi express used to bowl average delivery.

The bowlers clapped and shouted for the speed as 148 miles per hour when the speed gun is there to detect the speed of the ball. They all were really excited for the cricket camp and wanted to become fast bowler of the world so that they also could get the same pride and name as Rawalpindi Express did.

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