Young Cricketer Makes 277 in Domestic Cricket

Young Cricketer Makes 277 in Domestic Cricket. Muhammad Amir Takes Quick Wickets in Canberra. When five batsmen had to go back towards dressing room in 6 balls. The talented bowler created history in the final over of the Aussie inning and target remained under 200 for green shirts. The brilliance of bowler did not let the batsmen to score run on any ball of the final over.

Muhammad Amir took 3 wickets in his last over whereas two batsmen were run out due to good fielding. Five wickets in an over was amazing record in the history of cricket and left arm bowler deserved all the credit of this record. He just not dried out the runs for Australia, he also took important wickets of dangerous batsmen as well.

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Domestic Cricket was played regularly. Left arm bowler did not try hard to stop the runs against set batsmen. He just bowled on right channel to trouble them and batsmen just smashed the ball without judging the pace of the ball which caused them to lose wickets in the final over of the inning. He did not provide any room to batsmen which panicked them and they lost five wickets in crucial over of the match.

On the other hand green shirts had consumed too much runs on 19 overs and they did not want to chase over 200. So their first aim was to restrict Australia below 200 runs in 20 overs and then plan on how to chase a huge total in the second inning. Muhammad Amir did his job quite well through registering new world record in cricket.

However the work of Muhammad Amir in domestic cricket the last over of Aussie inning was ruined by batsmen of green shirts because the batting line collapsed. There seemed no plan to chase huge target and they lost the match with big margin in ICC World T20 2010.



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