Young Arab Lady Surprises Everyone in Dubai

Dubai: A young Arab Lady in Dubai City belonged to rich family of UAE surprised everyone as she drove Ferrari car on the roads of city with brisk speed. No other girl had achieved it living in the Arab region because driving was not allowed for women before it. The pretty Arab girl looked so happy when she traveled on the roads of the City first time ever.

The UAE government has passed a bill which allows women to drive vehicles in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities of the states. So the young lady bought a Ferrari car right after the bill and asked her female journalist friend to cover the first ever driving experience. Her friend agreed to cover it and landed on the Dubai Airport through Emirates Airline on very next day.

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The female journalist informed the Arab lady about his arrival in the city through Emirates Airline and told that she stayed in one of the luxury hotels in Dubai City. The next day, Arab girl reached in the hotel and picked the journalist from her room. After getting out of the hotel, both ladies went to parking area where the Ferrari car was parked.

The ladies fasten their seat belts without wasting any moment and the camera man started his duty to cover the first ever drive of Arab girl on the roads of Dubai City. The driving lady enjoyed her first experience so as journalist friend sitting beside her. She took the benefit of new law passed by UAE and enjoyed her day on the roads of city.

However, the Arab lady did not break any law during her drive in Ferrari car and also took care of traditions. She did not ware any objectionable dress during drive as she did not want to provide any kind of opportunity to raise finger at her. Therefore, she traveled on clean roads of Dubai City without any fear and enjoyed her day. The coverage of the event was great and cameraman did great job as well.

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