Worst Fight Happens in WWE Wrestling

Worst Fight Happens in WWE Wrestling when both the opponents challenged each other. That wrestle mania was staged in a foreign country and both the opponents were quite getting angry on each other. The heat was one in the ring that was also let to fire. This was the most amazing fight in the wrestle mania that ever took place.

Both the wrestlers in WWE Wrestling were quite strong and they had many fights before they entered in the ring of fire. All the spectators gathered in the wrestle mania stadium and huge screens were fitted just before the start of the fight. The heat was on between both the opponents in the fight of the wrestle mania. The fight was supposed to be for the gold medal.

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Both the opponents had fought with each before and they both had almost the same wins and losses against each other. This time the fight between the both of them was a unique one since it was to be fought within the fire rings. Stage was all set in the wrestle mania and audience was about to witness a historic fight between the two heavy weight champions.

As the wrestlers went in the ring for Wrestling and they were about to start the fight, the ring were set to fire so that the fight could be started. At the start of the fight it went all good and they both had a go at each other with full force. Audience at the wrestle mania stadium was enjoying the fight a lot and it was very noisy in the stadium of wrestle mania.

Wrestlers were quite lucky in Wrestling at the start of the fight when both of them pushed each other towards the ring in the middle which was full of fire but it could not prolong for much time as one of the opponents got to the fire and audience started to shout. They both continued till the end with fire let to the costumes of both the contestants.

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