Women on Wheel Campaign Gets Started

Women on wheel campaign were stated by the provincial government of Punjab for the betterment and empowerment of females in the province. The idea was taken from the neighboring country where females have been riding motorbikes on the roads along with men. The step taken by the provincial government was appreciated by lots of people.

Women have not been riding motorbikes in the Pakistan since nobody liked ladies to go out and ride motorbikes. Provincial government of Punjab wanted to give confidence to the ladies of the country so that they could start living life on their own and they did not need to rely on anybody else. The idea was appreciated by many of the people.

The news went viral on the social media which also raised some questions about the harassment cases since the modern society never wanted any female to go and ride motorbikes on the road alone. Many young men and boys were seen teasing ladies on the road whenever they were on the roads alone. The idea was taken from the neighboring country where lots of females travelled daily on the motorbikes.

Women rights have been given to the females in the country but still many females in the backward areas of the countries were not allowed to go out of their homes alone since they wanted girls and females to be in the home for taking care of the family members. Some people had said that provincial government plan of distributing motorbikes to the females was a bad idea.

Women have been allowed to go out riding on the motorbikes in many countries so that they do not rely on buses. Modern girls and boys have liked the idea of girls riding motorbikes on the roads so that they could have fun but some of them feared that this might cause shameful cases and it might get difficult for the ladies to travel alone on the motorbikes.

Motor Bikes to Be Given to Women

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