Woman Gets Treated by Fake Peer

Fake peer treated a woman who supposed to be obsessed by the evil spirits and was not feeling well. The treatment of that man was such a shameful that he kept on hitting her hard and pulling her hair. He also started to beat the woman who was not in her senses. This was such a pathetic video that went viral on social media.

Fake peer continued to beat and hit the women with his hands and other women around him kept on watching the incident. Many other people have been watching the incident and did not do anything to rescue the women from the treatment of such. People who have watched the video said that it was all due to the illiteracy rate as all the women seemed to be uneducated.

This was the most shocking video that came on the scene courtesy the social media and internet. However the video was captured by the private news channel who also said that the illiteracy rate has been low so the woman was taken to such foolish man who treated the woman by beating her.

That fake peer was reported to be the uneducated and policemen have been asked to arrest him due to his treatment by beating the women. The experts have said that illiteracy rate needed to be on the high as this has caused the women to go that uneducated man who have been just fooling the woman.

Video of fake peer went viral on the social media and this has shown the illiteracy rate to the officials of the Government. Government officials wanted to raise the illiteracy rate by providing counseling to the women. They have criticized people women for taking that sick woman to the man who did not know how to treat the lady who was suffering from evil spirits.

Fake Peer Beating Woman

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