Wild Bear Jumps At Japanese TV Host

Wild Bear Jumps At Japanese TV Host while he was about to make some stunts with it for an animal news channel. The incident happened in the Miami zoo; however the trainer was lucky enough to get a second chance of his life again. The trainer was very famous for his stunts with the animals as he had lots of experience in this field.

The Japanese trainer also belonged to Miami and he had spent quite some time with the wild life in the Miami Zoo. It was the first ever incident of its own when a wild bear attacked him despite of the fact that he had worked with it for some time. The trainer never expected such an attack from the animal though he should have been prepared for the worst.

A private channel related to the wild life decided to shoot some stunts with the famous trainer who had already done some stunts with the different animals. He agreed to make it happen again and asked for some time to prepare him and also wanted to spend some time with the wild bear. After spending enough time with the animal he thought that the bear had enough affection with him.

Japanese Zoo was the place which was decided to shoot for the stunts, that was about to be shown on the animal channel. All the precautionary measurements were taken into consideration before starting the stunts. The camera man started to capture the video of the stunt. The trainer stood silent at the start and did not show any move of his body.

Miami born trainer suddenly started shouting for help as the wild bear of that Miami zoo darted at his mouth and captured it with its full power. The safety officers came up with the stick and started to beat the bear. They tried their best by beating it with the wooden stick but the wild bear did not lose its grip on the mouth of the trainer. Safety guys then used some spray in bear’s eyes that enforced the animal to leave the trainer alive otherwise it could have taken the life of the trainer.

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