Weird Boy in Hospital Shocks Titannica Band

Weird boy in the hospital, admitted for the medical treatment shocked the famous band of singers called Titannica. Doctors had advised him for the complete bed rest for a week so that he could be treated properly and get rid of his disease. They had never seen such a guy who was suffering from a rare disease and needed special medical treatment.

The senior doctors of hospital had also never such disease and that patient whose body was so tiny that it looked like wooden sticks got together. After the arrival of the band the lady doctors told them about the weird boy who was admitted in their medical center and told them that he had wished badly to meet them.

All the men were really being nice and told her that it was their pleasure to fulfill one of their biggest fans. When they entered the room of that boy they felt really good about the kid. And the kid also got really excited about his favorite Titannica band that he was feeling on the sky. He told them about his feelings that his favorite could ever come to meet him in the medical center.

All the hospital staff was also happy to see those famous singers in their clinic. The band had taken some gifts for the patient whose body was so tiny and strange that they all got shocked to see it when they wanted him to wear the gifted shirt. They had wrist band for the little boy. The doctors never told them about the disease of the kid. The wrist band was tied on little kid’s back.

That hospital was a private medical center and the doctors who were hired by the clinic had never seen such a shrink body of a boy in their whole life and they never had the chance to treat with the situation of that guy. This whole story of the kid was filmed in a TV drama serial to dedicate such patients who were suffering from that weird disease.

Titannica Meets Strange Boy in Hospital

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