Wedding Incident Amazes World

Wedding incident shocked the world all over on the social media. The heart broking incident took place in the Middle east country where lots of people had been invited. All went near to the groom and the remeining sath on the chairs. A father and his 1 year old son were also invited at the party. Shocking incident took the heart out of People when they watched the video.

Wedding place had become mourning place sinc the father was hit by the bullet from his own tool that was snatched by the little kid. Father of one year old child was fan of doing some amazing stuff with his tool but he could never estimate the act that could have gone wrong. During the usage of that tool, the father unluckily handed over his tool to the kid.

The little kid had not clue how to handle it since his undertanding was playing with the toys. The toys he used to play with looked like the same but this was not a toy still his father handed him over. The father never thought it could be nightmare for him as the little son pulled off the trigger as he got struck by father.

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