Vulgar Dance of Guest Gets Aired in Morning Show

Morning show turned into vulgar show when the female guest of the program who had worn immoral dress that exposed her all body started to dance. Her dance steps looked so indecent and should not have been aired in the program on the private news channel. Despite of the fact that the news channel was the private production but people have really criticized it.

The morning show of the modern era has been part of the culture that has been turned into immoral impressed by the neighboring country India. It looked like private news channel along with other channels have been importing stuff from the India which never took care of the moral values of the Pakistani society.

This was not the only program in which immoral dance was shown by the female guest who was also part of the showbiz industry but there were many channels who have been airing such vulgar dances in their program just to sake attention from the people and to get high ranking. That particular program has been inviting decent personalities from all around the country but the female guest sabotaged their reputation.

Host of the morning show has been hosting in that program for quite long time but this time she had called somebody who belonged to the film industry and she never minded dancing using some immoral and indecent dance steps.

Guest of morning show was also wearing some indecent dress and took care of the moral values of the society and forgot to consider that the program had to be aired within Pakistan and that particular part of the program could not be watched by the whole family members. The video of that dance went viral on the social media and viewers really complained about the program and the news channel.

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