Volcano Erupts in Mountains During Earthquake

Volcano erupted in the mountains the other day when the earthquake hit the mountains too. The intensity of the earthquake was so high that the mountain turned out to be the dangerous place to visit. The video of that eruption could be seen on the social media since some out of the tourists there decided to carry out some research work on that mountain.

The volcano was so intense that the nearby little boundaries of that particular area were also got effected by the heat of it. Some of the tourists from foreign countries decided go near the affected area to find out the reason of it. The tourists said that it felt like listening to the heartbeat of the soil and being physiological there near that area had given them the feeling that everything was about to cause them difficulties.

The tourists had with them the team of explorer and filmmaker so that they could make a film of their adventure and see what has really happened there near that affected area of earthquake. The tourists may not had the chance earlier to explore their knowledge but this incident of earthquake made them go closer to such mountains.

Video of volcano was filmed by the team of filmmakers since they had drone cameras with them so that they could have a closer look at the earthquake affected area between the mountains. The drone camera was made with such material that it could sustain the heat of that place in the mountain so that it did not get disturbed by the gases and all the other stuff.

Pictures of volcano were taken by the tourists through the drone camera which they sent very near to the affected area in the mountains. They made a 3D model of the sphere that was shaped up with the help of thousand pictures in the mountains.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=1087

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