Visuals of Benazir Bhutto Last Breath Get Leaked

Benazir Bhutto’s last breaths got leaked when she was admitted in hospital. The visuals went viral on social media and all over the internet that stunned the whole nation. The politician was the leader of the major political party in Pakistan. She has had great impact on the politics of Pakistan. The former Prime minister was the first female popular leader in the country.

Benazir Bhutto was attacked by some extremists when she was leading a huge rally in the capital city of Islamabad. The female politician had just arrived in the country not so many days ago. She was told by many security agencies that she had major threats to her life but since politics was the main cause of her life’s agenda. So she did not accept the facts.

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She had been the Prime minister of Pakistan and she was loved all over the country since she was the only popular female leader in the country. On the day of her assassination she was asked by her advisors and close friends not to attend the party meeting and rally in the country. But she had courage to go close to her followers and be in them.

Benazir Bhutto despite of threats to her life came out of her car which had open space in the roof. She stood there in the car to appreciate her followers who really loved her gestures of waving her hands. The famous former Prime minister and politician at that moment stunned by a bullet and she fell down in the car.

Former Prime minister Benazir Bhutto was then rushed to hospital where she was operated by the local doctors. The politics of Pakistan at that moment after the attack on the politician changed suddenly. The video of her when she was taking her last breath could be shown here. All her close friends and the top leaders of the political party gathered there in Operation Theater. Unluckily she could not survive.

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