Visitor Falls in Tiger Area in Zoo

Visitor Falls in Tiger Area in Zoo. Leopard Jumps Quickly At Villager where the villagers faced attack of the wild tiger. In fact it has been told that wild animals have caused six causalities and as many injuries in the last six months in some of the cities of India closer to the wild life territory. These hungry leopards escaped from their wildlife areas to look for some food.

The Zoo was quite big and Same sort of incident happened in Ballarpur, where the furious wild tiger entered the village. It was reported that the animal found a way to enter in a building where the buffaloes and cows were kept. The hungry leopard was searching for a free meal and also found the attention of the villagers as well.

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As the big wild Tiger was in that livestock building all the villagers went on the roofs to see the hungry animal and started watching it from the hole of that building. At that time the leopard managed to jump vertically fifteen feet above from the ground and came on the roof where all the onlookers were present.

All the villagers got panicked by the tiger’s this sudden appearance. Every one scattered trying to escape from its attack. The wild animal started attacking who were standing close to him. Unluckily one villager was attacked by the panther and fell down but he was lucky enough as the hungry animal also got scared and started running in different direction to escape from the bystanders.

The furious tiger in the Zoo then managed to escape from the villagers and hid behind a huge water tank. The wildlife officials immediately reached to the location and controlled the situation. After some time the leopard was caught by them and after observation found free from injury which was then taken back to the wildlife territory. All the villagers then felt relaxed and safe from the beast.

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