VIP Saloon surprises Poor Man

Getting ready from Saloon on the eve of someone’s marriage has become the compulsory practice of modern days. The rich people could afford to get their makeup and haircut from these VIP hairdressers but a poor man can only have a desire of going to such makeup centers. As they charge very much for their services though their style and makeup stuff might not be the qualitative one.

These VIP saloons only focus on the environment which has become the requirement of rich people just like posh furniture. These expensive parlors provide luxurious environment in the shape of beautiful girls who are supposed to be very cooperative with the customers. They also treat their customers as if they are the celebrities.

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A poor man also had this desire of getting ready from that VIP parlor so he decided to have a taste of getting his haircut from that shop. He had always got his haircut from the shop that charged him according to his budget and satisfaction. But this time for a special day he wanted to get ready from the expansive shop where all the celebrities had come.

At the entrance of the VIP Saloon the poor man was shocked by a beautiful lady who came out of that parlor to say goodbye to one of the customers. He had never seen such activity in any other hairdresser shop and he was bashing himself coming here for haircut.

When he entered the parlor he could not believe his eyes that he was looking at very gorgeous girls working there, giving foot massage and cutting men hair. At the reception of Saloon he was welcomed by a pretty lady and offered cup of tea. A beautiful girl came up to him had all flirting moments with him before giving him his new hairstyle.

After the completion of his cutting he had to pay huge amount to saloon for only unsatisfactory cutting. He was very annoyed for their act and had to go to some other cheap parlor that gave him the satisfaction than the luxurious one.

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