Video of Wrestling Fight Shocks People

Video of Wrestling fighting with each other in the fire shocked people all over the world in the wrestle mania since this was the unique fight that was ever fought between the two opponents. Many fights have been fought in worst conditions in which both the opponents got injured badly.

This time wrestlers in Wrestling continued to fight in the fire as the ring of the wrestle mania was on fire before the start of the fight. The video was recorded as it was aired on the private channel. Huge screens were also placed in the stadium that was full of crowd cheering their own man. The uniqueness of the fight was that it was fought in the fire.

At the start of the fight both of the contestants were very lucky as none of them got to the fire and stayed within the rings. The audience enjoyed the whole competition of the wrestle mania by filling up the whole stadium every time any fight was organized. During the whole tournament people came from all over the country to support their favorite fighter.

One of the wrestlers in Wrestling was in trouble in the middle of the fight that was being fought for the gold medal of the wrestle mania. He got to the fire and it went all surprising when both the contestants continued to fight with each other despite of the fact that they were fighting in fire. The video of that fight of the wrestle mania went viral on social media.

Wrestlers entertained the whole audience that had come to witness the amazing fight of the wrestle mania. Both the fighters did not get scared of the fire as they were wearing the dresses that were protecting their body from the fire.


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