Video of Volcano Eruption Comes up on Social Media

Video of volcano eruption came up on the social media when some of the tourists went down in the affected mountains due to the earthquake. The video showed the intensity of the heat and the damage that was being created by it. The tourists were really concerned about the cause and effect of the earthquake in the mountains.

The volcano in the middle of the mountains was created due to the intense earthquake that shook the whole planet of earth. The tourists were able to record the footage of the place in the mountains through the done camera and they could make a 3D model of the sphere that was made by the pictures. The heat of the lava was very intense.

Due to the intense heat of the lava and the pressure of the air, drone camera got affected and it fell down there in the lava. The tourists said that they were very lucky to get the photographs of the affected mountains and the lava by the earthquake which they planned for but they also had regrets of losing their drone camera due to the air pressure and the heat.

Research of volcano was mainly done to find out the process of the melting of mountains through the lava in the mountains that was caused by the earthquake. The tourists had the team from the California Institute of Technology.

3D model of Volcano depicted the layers of the mountains that were affected by the heat and the lava caused by the earthquake. The tourists said that by the footage they were able to record; it was quite evident that they were too close to the rocks that were being melted during the whole process of Lava coming out of the mountains.

Volcano Eruption Video

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