Video of Land Sliding in Hunza Valley Goes Viral

Video of land sliding in the Hunza valley went viral all over on the social media and it clearly showed the intensity of the earthquake that struck the northern area of Pakistan badly. The earthquake took many lives in the northern areas as the buildings built there were quite weak that could not sustain the intensity of the shocks.

Land sliding caused lots of roads to be blocked and many difficulties were occurred due to this incident. Due to the blockage in the roads in the Hunza Valley, help could not be reached in the affected areas of the valley. The rescuing team has been getting lots of difficulties in continuing their rescue works. The video of that incident was made by the people who were struck there.

This has been the worst earthquake that struck the history of the country and it has been said that it was even the worst that struck in 2005. Hunza valley has been the most affected area as it was part of the northern areas of Pakistan. Religious people have called it a wake up call from Allah since they believe that these sorts of thing happened due to the ill deeds that have been going on.

Land sliding incidents happened in the northern areas as it has lots of mountains that had turned into glaciers. Pakistan has not been the only country that has been affected by the earth quake. In the start of the year an earthquake of the same intensity jolted Nepal as well when it caused many casualties in their country.

Due to the land sliding rescue works have been stopped due to the blockage of the roads as those were covered with lots of glaciers and parts of the mountains. The officials of the K PK have ordered to increase the rescue works in the Hunza valley as many tourists were present there for the sake of tourism in the winter.

Footage of Land sliding

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