Video of Earthquake in Faisal Masjid Goes Viral

Faisal Masjid is one of the biggest Masjid in Pakistan. The recent earthquake jolted it too and the video of that incident went viral as it was shared by one of the man who was present there in there. There were lots of citizens present there. The prayer was finished in the afternoon all the citizens stepped out in the veranda.

The video of Faisal Masjid showed that all the citizens present there had to rush towards the veranda when the earthquake stuck. Mostly of the people who were there offering prayers there did not feel the jolt but the sound of the earthquake really jolted the whole building. As the earthquake struck the building the windows of the building started to shake and it felt like breaking.

The video of the earthquake went viral on the social media and it was shared and watched by lots of people all over the internet. The video showed that the citizens were shouting for help and some of them fell on the ground of the veranda. There have been many videos on the internet that were shared and uploaded of the earthquake but this video made everybody remember the Almighty.

Faisal Masjid earthquake video looked very dangerous and it showed that the earthquake was very intensive. Many news channels reported that the latest earthquake incident was the worst incident in the history of the country. Many citizens came out on the roads while they did not know how to rescue themselves.

The recent Faisal Masjid video was also seen on the news channel that was sent by one of the citizens present there for prayers. None of the citizens who were offering prayers there were so scared that they could not believe what was happening after the earthquake.

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