Video of Arabs Drinking Came Pee Goes Viral

Video of Arabs got viral on the social media in which man projected some of the people by recording their videos who were allegedly selling camel urine in the bottles. The man who shot the video with their camera asked the shop keeper near the stall about the product that was kept in the bottle and he answered that it was camel pee that was kept in the bottles.

One of Arabs was seen drinking the camel pee from the back of the camel and the news has circulated all around the world. That video of Middle East in which people were seen drinking and shaking the animal pee was alleged to be a fake one so that people can humiliate the religion of Islam. Islam never allowed anything prohibited to eat and drink in any worst situation.

The man who was shooting the person that was hiding his face and pretended to be one of the person from Middle East, replied that the fresh came urine was sold for like ten riyals. Another related video showed one of the men drinking the camel urine from the back of the camel. However the scholars and the religion people had given clear statement that whoever did that cheap act did not have any connection with Islam and Muslims since it has been prohibited.

Real Arabs rejected the video and said that Islam never allowed such prohibited thing to be drunk and they said that it could be propaganda against Islam and Muslims. They said that there could be some group of people who wanted to malign the Muslims and their religion Islam to get pleasure for them.

Arabs have been seen doing some shameful acts in the Middle East and Muslims all over the world had protested against such bad acts by group of people who had been sabotaging the religion of Muslims. There was some videos on the social media which showed the bad acts of the people of Middle East but they could do such act of drinking and selling camel urine.

Arabs Selling and Drinking Camel Urine

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