Video of Masjid by Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Video and pictures of that famous Masjid that was built ages ago by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is known to the people through the Islamic books and the religious people that Non Muslims tried to stop it. They threw stones in it to hurt the Prophet PBUH while he was praying in it. Allah helped Him by asking the air to stop the stones in the air.

Miracle of Air related to this Masjid was known to the non Muslims as well. Everybody got surprised when the stones were stopped by the air and did not reach to the Messenger of Allah. The stones could not disobey Allah. The enemies of Muslims and the Prophet PBUH could not believe what really happened to the stones.

The video and the pictures of the Masjid was shared on the social media by some of the Muslim brothers who went there to see by themselves. He explained that it has been in the same situation since the era of that old age when the Prophet used to pray in it.

There was another Masjid that took the attention of all the Muslims in Switzerland. It was closed some years ago since people could hear the sound of the Azan there.

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