Veiled Lady Steals Sari from Garments Shop

An expansive sari got stolen unexpectedly by a veiled Lady from garments shop in the afternoon. That shoplifting act by a veiled lady surprised many people including the shopkeepers and the ladies as well. The surprising incident made all the shopkeepers of the shopping mall to be extra vigilant. The incidents of shoplifting had occurred in the past as well but none of those had involved any veiled lady.

The salesmen of garments shop were busy in routine work when gang of veiled ladies entered to buy few saris. The appearance of the ladies never gave idea that they could be involved in such a shameful act. All the women had visited many shops before they found a shop without any buyer.

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So they entered and started to ask prices of different saris and readymade garments. The shopkeepers including salesman showed many clothes to the veiled ladies who asked for different stuff continuously and kept all the men busy. While one of the Lady got the chance to pick one of the sari that was placed on the right corner of shop.

Since all the salesmen had been involved with other customers and had been presenting on the left side of the display rank so could not get the idea. One of the veiled ladies acted cleverly by picking up the sari with her feet and ended up hiding it under her clothes. That act of her had put some doubts in one of the men present there and he did come to check all the packets of saris in that corner.

Before he caught her red handed, the lady completed work quickly and did not provide opportunity to get caught. Nobody had any idea even after all veiled ladies had gone out of the garments shop but it was revealed to them when they were going through the video captured by one of the CCTV camera present in the shop.

After watching the whole footage shopkeeper was also uncertain to report the incident to the police as nobody could see the faces of women due to veil. However, the veiled ladies got success and deceived every person in the garments shop. They kept every salesman busy in dealing with them all time.

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