Veiled Lady Shoplifts Sari in Garments Shop

A veiled Lady cleverly shoplifted sari in garments shop while she had gone to buy the dresses for the wedding along with her friends. The news went viral on social media as nobody ever expected such shameful act from lady dressed in black veil. The incident was captured by one of the CCTV camera placed in the shop and those all veiled women did not know it.

Veiled women were supposed to do shopping in garments shop for a wedding of her relatives, although she bought some dresses but still was able to steal an expensive sari from the shop. One of the salesmen got bit of idea for a moment of that unusual act. However the lady in veil was sharp enough to deceive all the three salesmen including the owner of the shop.

It was gang of five to six ladies having their whole bodies covered with veil entered the shop of ladies garments shop. Due to the appearance of their dresses the salesmen never got any idea of such an act from them. All the salesmen including the owner were quite busy in dealing with them by showing them different types of clothes.

Although these women bought some dresses from the garments shop but one of them had different plans of getting an expensive sari. She used her feet to lift the sari and hid it under her black veil while her other friends kept the all three men busy in dealing.

The sudden bend of the veiled lady did raise doubts in one of the shopkeepers’ mind as he stepped in her direction to check if all the saris were placed on the ground properly. Unluckily that lady was clever enough to hide the sari before any salesman of garments shop took notice of her act of shoplifting the sari. It all revealed to them by the CCTV camera.

Veiled Lady Stealing Clothes from Garments Shop

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