US President Reads Quranic Verses in Turkey

Istanbul: US President addressed their Grand National assembly of Turkey where the Muslim members were present in large numbers. His address started off with the Islamic way of greetings by saying Assalamu Alaikum. The most impressive part of his speech was the Quranic verses which he used during his address.

While appreciating the efforts of Turkey, President Obama focused Quranic verses regarding peace and harmony among all mankind and relations of both the countries. He quoted many verses from the Holy Quran where Allah has urged everyone to live with peace and love. He further said that Allah has said on different occasions that He has divided mankind in different regions but they should live with each other peacefully.

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Obama’s address was telecasted live by couple of news channels. It was his first visit to any Muslim country after getting selected as the President of the United States of America. He said that Turkey and USA need to work more beyond in terms of mutual interests and mutual respects. During his speech he read Quran’s many verses and applauded by the parliament members sitting there.

He spoke to the parliament of Turkey for about twenty five minutes and except of some clapping on couple of times the whole parliament house was quite during his address. US President further said that their country’s relationships with the Muslim countries needed to be stronger as US has never any intention of war against Islam or Islamic countries.

Obama applauded Turkey’s cooperation as an ally and hoped to work longer to keep the peace in the Islamic region and their neighboring countries as well. He urged his speech for the strong relation of United States of America with Muslim countries and used many Quranic verses and what Allah has said in the Quran. After he completed his address to the assembly, he went on to visit some mosques in the Turkey along with the delegation.

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