US President Praises Islam and Hijab

US President while giving a speech to the parliamentarians in US praised Islam and Hijab. American President’s speech about Islam and Hijab was very well applauded and praised by the every member sitting there. They all were quite satisfied with his speech and were convinced that US has been taking care of the rights of every citizen living there.

US President explained in his speech that the dream of every citizen of United States for getting every opportunity in their lives while living in America has not come true only for the Non Muslims but also to Muslims as well. American President said that Islam has been the part of US and it has been taking care of the rights of every Muslim present there.

Obama further explained in his speech that nearly over seven million Muslims have been living in America and they have been protected by the court. Court has ordered to wear Hijab for the Muslim girls and ladies so that they could live their lives according to the teachings of Islam. Court has also said that for Muslim female citizens Hijab has been made mandatory.

US President further said that girls and ladies who belong to Muslim families should choose to wear Hijab for the protection of their rights and will be punished for not wearing it. The United States’ head said that Islam is part of their country and they have provided facilities to the Muslims living there more than the average citizen of US.

Hijab was made mandatory as per US President’s speech to the parliament. Obama stated that he and his government have always worked for the protection of every citizen of USA apart from any discrimination. American President has also given speech in Turkey as well about the relation of Muslim world with the United States.

American President Favors Hijab

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