US President Favors Hijab

US President Obama favored Hijab in a speech given to the parliament in the USA. He himself favored the use of the veil in their country for the protection of the rights of the Muslim girls and ladies. He further explained that America is protecting rights for every citizen of its country and they have been getting every luxury of the life which is given to any citizen.

US President have been defending Islam in his speeches as to tell everyone in the world that he and his country is not against any religion. The American President Obama has always had soft heart towards the religion of any citizen on this world. He has given a speech in the past as well when he talked about the rights of the Muslims.

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Nearly seven million Muslims have been living in the United States of America and Obama told this thing to everybody sitting and listening to his speech in the parliament. He further said that USA has always provided dream opportunities to not only to the Non Muslim residents of America but to every citizen apart from any discrimination.

US President further explained to all the parliamentarians who were sitting there that Islam is the part of their land and no one can deny this fact. American President said that Hijab has been made mandatory by the court, who wishes to wear them as far as Muslims are concerned. And the court has also ordered punishment for Muslim girls who do not wish to wear Hijab in order to spread the true teachings of Islam.

According to US President, the seven million Muslims of America have been enjoying the facilities of education and incomes higher than the average American citizens. American President told that to protect the rights of Muslims, they have been provided with their Mosques in every state.

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