Unseen Moments of News Anchors

News Anchors of different news channels seem quite decent in front of camera but you might have never seen them doing funny things or having fun with each other behind the camera. However, there was an unseen clip which was compiled by different men from social media. The clip has so many unseen funny activities which these newscasters had done during the talk shows’ break and news bulletin.

Some news anchors were seen making lots of mistakes with the slip of the tongue during practicing of news bulletin. After watching this clip they newscasters will become part of entertainment for the viewers. While during their own work they used to make fun of the celebrities and politicians.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=265

Newscasters have to work hard to read the news in decent ways to the viewers in front of camera. Some of the anchors have immense fan following as they have been very popular in media field and are liked very much by the audience. So they tend to join different news channels for the better privileges.

However, some of them stick with the same news channels which they had joined for the first time. Female news anchors have come a long way now to join different news channels with the increase in the news channels. Some of them have made their reputation due to their soft spoken abilities.

There has been example in the past where some of them had quit telecasting news and joined the field of acting. With the increase in news channels there have been great opportunities for the unemployed persons. Also there have been degrees which are taught in the field of media communication as well.

They all study how to represent and prepare themselves in front of the camera. The video clip here showed all the funny moments of news anchors happened behind the camera which was never telecasted live on news channels. It also tells us how decent newscasters are in their real lives and public can only see their artificial faces.

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