Unnatural Marriage Gets Society Attention

A male marriage with the shemale got the attention of the society when the news was broken on a private news channel. It was really shameful for the whole society and for the man himself who pretended to be a psychiatric patient. These sorts of incidents are quite rare in the modern society as mostly boys and girls never heard of such news.

This sort of marriage might not be shocking and disturbing in the foreign countries where they have made laws that allowed people to marry with the same gender. But in this part of the world it was nothing less than a shock for the people. Society has blamed both of them the culprit. Everybody had different views about such an incident.

People might have heard about the shemale being used on the events of wedding and dance parties by the men. But this incident was quite different as this time a man was being used by the shemale. The female reporter asked the shemale why he chose that man to be living with him in his apartment. Then the man and shemale had both different answers.

They both looked to be in marriage relation by the pictures they had placed on the wall of the room. In those pictures the groom was the guy who was being used by the shemale and that shemale was pictured as the bride of that groom. The man who was known as Saleem had his brothers living overseas while his sisters knew him but they were reluctant to meet him due to his shameful act.

This relation of marriage between a guy and shemale could not be hidden for a long time until the news channel investigated such incidents. This sort of incident was disturbing in a sense that this time the man named Saleem was used by the other gender for the pass time and fun.

Man Marries Shemale

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