United Kingdom Molvi Does Qurbani

United Kingdom cow hurt big time the small kid when it was being brought down from the bus. It was bought for the purpose of sacrifice on Eid festival. Everybody was so keen to watch the type of the animal. It has been informed to so many people that they should not have let their small kids near to the animals.

The country of United Kingdom has been famous for animal free in the public area but with the import of that animal cow, small kids came to watch the sacrifice. The cow was brought up in the farm house and did not used to live and see so many people around it. Small baby was unlucky to go near the cow. Nobody might have thought that it could hurt the small  kid.

As the son of the owner of that animal went near to the big cow, it kicked the small kid with its full power and threw the kid away on the road. That was something very terrifying for the people standing near the animal.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/8aXDj

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