Unique Wedding Procession

Wedding processions in mostly Pakistan and India travel usually on decorated cars to the bride’s house or the wedding hall. It is customary in these two countries that the groom travel in a kind of wedding processing followed by his relatives and friends to marry the bride. In old days, people used horse for the groom for the wedding so that he could become a prominent person in the whole wedding procession.

But now the time has changed so people of this era are living a quite hectic life so they just want to keep this event on a fast track so the grooms from this modern era have started to go to the bride’s house by cars. Though you might see in rare wedding parties that groom still like to use horse after reaching at the bride’s house or the wedding hall to make feel of the old customary weddings.

We have a video for you of a wedding processing which is traveling by a very rare vehicle using donkey. The groom is being followed by the usual company of his friends and relatives along with the people who have been hired for using drums and making the procession as the event which could be remembered for long.

But you would have never seen a wedding procession in which the groom and bride traveling on a donkey in their wedding procession. The groom realized that it wasn’t the normal wedding procession of his wedding of which he ever dreamt of.

Here the groom was fooled by his friends as the person sitting on the donkey next to him was not her bride but infact one his friends himself. On realizing of the situation the groom could only think of getting escape from the wedding procession by running to the fields to avoid the fun which was planned by his friends.

Image Source : danieltaylorphotoblog.com

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