Unexpected Marriage Shocks Society

A man’s marriage with shemale shocked society the other day, when a news channel’s reporter revealed it courtesy their report on the ill deeds going in the country. It was really disturbing for the people who watched the news. No one ever had witnessed such a shameful act by a man. It has been the reality of the society that many incidents have been reported of shemale going to the weddings.

The marriage of the man with the person, whose gender was known to everybody as shemale, went viral on social media as well. All the men were ashamed of that man married to a shemale. It was a private news channel which decided to find out the reasons of the society which raised those unusual incidents.

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A shemale whose name was Nabila was a professional dancer on the weddings and such events of happiness. The news anchor with her crew found out about him living with a man whose name was saleem. He replied to a question of reason for living with the man, the shemale told that he had nothing to repent as he has been taking care of saleem as he was alone in this country.

They both placed their marriage pictures on the wall of the room where the shemale could be seen as the bride and the groom was the man known as Saleem. When the reporter asked the man why you have been living with a person whose gender was an objectionable in the society, he lied to her by saying that I have been suffering from nervous system.

Normally marriage of groom and bride are registered in the papers which are presented to the court and the Imam of any Mosque. But they both did not have any proof to be living together. The reporter of the news channel was also shocked to hear that on this occasion the shemale was using the man for his pass time.

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