Unexpected Attack of Crocodile Shocks Stunt man

Unexpected attack of crocodile shocked the stunt man when he was showing his stunts to the public by playing with the dangerous animal. The young boy has been doing this kind of stuff for quite a while and never faced any such reaction and terrible attack from animal throughout his life. This time around his all experience went wrong.

The crocodile was sitting very quite when the young stunt boy started playing with the animal. At the start of the show everything looked alright but the trouble had come only when the stunt guy tried to be too brave by putting his arm in the mouth of dangerous animal. He expected the animal to be still at that time too when he had forwarded his arm in its mouth.

The animal reacted very strangely and attacked at the arm of the boy. It just grabbed it with its dangerous teeth. The stunt guy was really shocked when he got in trouble. All the people standing there were also scared after watching this incident. They all also started to shout at the attack of animal. The animal that started to roll itself in order to break the arm of the stunt guy was in angry mood.

The crocodile has this characteristic of beating its animal by rolling itself and its enemy. The stunt boy was also being rolled by this action of the animal. He was also rolling and spinning to save its arm from getting broken. The incident was shocking for all the viewers that had children and women at the show. They could not believe what they all witness at that moment.

Terrible crocodile was very annoyed by the actions of the stunt man. He was quite lucky that the security guys and safety guys were present there too who had all the expertise to combat with such animal. They reached in time and got him rescued from the teeth of the annoyed animal.

Crocodile Rolls Stunt Man

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