Unbelievable Creature Gets Found in Mexico

Unbelievable Creature Gets Found in Mexico in the farms in May 2007 that shocked everybody including scientists. The farmer got scared from this creature and told the media people and news channels about the appearance of that human type alien. It was found to be dead and therefore was taken to the laboratory for the analysis by the scientists.

Scientists in Mexico carried out different tests and experiments to know the existence of that creature courtesy their science and technology. The researchers were still unable to find out the mystery of that corpse. Even senior scientists have been wondering if that creature belonged to different planet.

The tests have showed that the creature did not belong to this earth. They found out that the creature had some characteristics which looked like humans and aliens as well. Even science and technology could not be able to know that how come this could be found on earth. Scientists also found that it had larger brain than the human body.

The scientists of Mexico found from their analysis and experiments that the corpse was probably left behind by the aliens when it got died. Many incidents have happened in the past as well there were such creatures were seen in Brazil. The officials of that country denied such fact but some media group had confirmed their existence.

The scientists of Mexico also found some facts later in 2012 when they informed the people that same kind of strange creature has been found and killed in Africa in 2012. The corpse of that creature had similar sorts of characteristics as of humans. But it has never been found alive anywhere in the world otherwise with the modern techniques scientists could easily find the existence of this creature. The news of this creature went viral on international media as well.


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