Umpire Gives Bad Decision

Umpire Gives Bad Decision. An Indian fan was punished by Inzimam-ul-Haq, one of the legendary batsmen, during a cricket match played in Sahara Cup at Toronto Stadium in Canada. Probably that was the rare incident of its own in which a fan was punished by a cricketer. This sport is very popular among all the cricket fans of the teams playing international cricket.

Umpire in sub-continent, people are attached to this sport emotionally. Inzimam-ul-Haq, middle order batsman from Pakistan, was known for his cool nature while playing though at times he got hyper when running him or his partner out. The cricket matches between Pakistan and India always get attention internationally due to historic rivalry of the countries.

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In cricket match played between India and Pakistan on the neutral grounds of Toronto Cricket Stadium, the Inzi could not keep his head cool when an Indian fan shouted at him and abused him. Indian fan started to call him with different names while using megaphone when he was batting. When India went on to bat and Pakistani players were fielding, that Indian fan with his other friends again used his megaphone and started to shout at Inzimam-ul-Haq who was fielding in the slips.

Another player from Pakistani team, Hassan Raza was also present near the boundary as 12th man. Though that particular fan with his mates made joke of Hassan Raza as well but he did not responded. But suddenly Inzimam-ul-Haq, who was fielding in the slips, started to run towards the boundary line. Nobody knew why he was coming to boundary line near fine leg area.

Inzimam jumped over Umpire the barriers near the boundary and went in the spectators’ area of Toronto Cricket Stadium He went on to hit that Indian fan with his hands and then with the bat in order to punish him for abusive language. Other players along with umpires and security staff intervened to bring his temper down but the man got the deserved punishment from batsman.

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