Umer Akmal Responds to Bouncer

Umer Akmal responded to the bouncer of Peter Siddle when he got hit on the head. The batsman of Pakistan cricket team got shaken a bit but then got recovered quickly. The bouncer of the fast bowler of Australia cricket team jolted the batsman and then he responded in brilliant style. He responded with hitting on the next four balls. The batsman of Pakistan cricket team hit three boundaries and one huge six of the bowling of Australia.

Umer Akmal played a very good innings in Australia in the beginning of his test career. He had toured Australia for the first time and impressed everybody there. He was struck on his helmet when Peter Siddle bowled him a bouncer. The batsman of Pakistan cricket team thought the ball would go over his head but it stayed down.

The batsman turned his head towards the wicket keeper of Australia to save his head from getting injured. He was lucky to be survived and took off his helmet to see whether it was alright. The batsman came to the other non striking end batsman to tell him about the bouncer that he was struck. Peter Siddle of Australia thought that the Pakistani would be scared of the next balls.

Umer Akmal responded on the next balls in a way that Shahid Afridi did to the main bowler of Australia.


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