TV Anchor Leaked Video Surprises People

TV anchor leaked video surprised everyone including the media group as well. The video was leaked by the camera man of the news channel during the morning show. This video has not been the first video which has been leaked. There have been many other video of TV host that were leaked intentionally or unintentionally by some workers of that channel.

TV anchor was recording a program for the morning show on a private channel. The TV host never noticed anything strange until the director of the morning show sent somebody to tell her that her microphone wasn’t placed right and her whole body was exposed to the viewers. The TV host dress looked inappropriate when the microphone was attached to the shirt of the lady.

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The guest of the program was also attracted towards the dress of the female and he kept on looking at her dress that looked vulgar to the all the viewers. The lady had to take out the device that was attached to her shirt and had to attach it to the stroll she was wearing.

The video of the TV anchor was leaked by the camera man of that program who kept on recording the footage of that incident which was quite embarrassing for the TV host. Nobody has reported this leaked video of her to the female host. The reports said that in case of that video being reached to her, she might complain against the camera man of the channel.

This TV anchor was not the only host whose embarrassing video has been leaked from the staff of the channel. In the past many videos had went viral while the hosts of the programs never knew that the camera was not off and there each and every activity was recorded while they thought that the camera recording was off.

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