Trouser of Sikh Goes Down in Wedding

Trouser of Sikh went down to his knees as he was present in his wedding ceremony. All the people along with the females started laughing at that incident. He could not hold his own smile while looking at his pant that was falling down. The bride also started to feel little shy due to the awkward moment of his husband.

Sikh was getting married and he decided to wear a suit but he did not wear it before his wedding day to see the fitting of the suit. His shirt was pretty much alright well made according to his physique but as he started to walk in circles along with his wife, he felt something really strange. He could not believed that he had to go through such embarrassing moment in his life.

The trouser of Sikh started to come down as it was falling down, the women present there at the wedding ceremony started to laugh. The children along with their mothers and fathers also watched the craziest scene at the wedding ceremony in hall. The groom wished to get some help from anybody in the gathering.

The relative of the groom stood up and decided to help the groom in getting the falling trouser fixed.

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