Troubles follow Salman Khan Again

Salman Khan, the superstar of Indian Film industry has come in the news as troubles followed him again. Bollywood actor, who has been in the alleged cases previously for hunting animals illegally and hurting some people’s sentiments in his movie, could not avoid troubles. As per the news from India, a local court has ordered to file FIR against the actor.

The local court asked to airport police to register case against the well known actor of Indian film industry. A social activist had gone to the court by saying that the superstar and his security guards have beaten him. According to him Salman Khan and his guards assaulted him while he was carrying very important documents in a flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

Socialist named Deodi, further said that he was carrying those documents which were very important against the eligibility of a member of the Bharti Janta Party. Deodi said he had to give these documents to the Government officials. But Salman Khan with his guards entered the flight while he was going to Delhi. Deodi was allegedly assaulted badly by them.

When he went to the local police station to report that incident of being assaulted, airport police did not register his FIR against Bollywood actor. Deodi had been following for five months against this case so that he could get FIR registered against Salman Khan and his guards. After following, now he has been able to get court orders against the superstar.

Court has asked airport police to register FIR against Salman Khan for decoity, disturbing the peace and hurting the applicant. This has caused more troubles for Bollywood star Salman Khan as he was previously alleged in some other cases too when he was alleged of saying some unethical words in his movie against the sentiments of some group of people

Salman Khan in Fresh Trouble Again

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