Train Incident At Railway Station Scares People

Train incident at the railway station scared the passengers and the people who were present there when the little girl got hit by the huge vehicle. The speed of the vehicle was so fast that it just did not let the little girl rescue herself from the accident. The video of the accident was captured by the CCTV cameras which were supposed to capture the security concerns.

The train was traveling at the speed of knot and the little girl took a bad decision of crossing the lane despite of the fact that they were supposed to wait for the vehicle to slow down at the railway station. The railway station was full of passengers who just helped the little girl rescue from the situation. The CCTV cameras footage was watched by lots of people.

This was not the first incident that was reported near the railway station as many CCTV cameras videos have been shared on the internet. The first aid and the police men were reached there at the railway station in time and they had the chance to also watch the video. The driver was also investigated about the incident.

Train driver was considered to be the guilty party in the start of the investigation but as soon the police men interrogated and watched the video, he was let free. All the passengers at the railway station said that the little girl made the mistake by crossing the lane too quickly despite of the fact that her mother was not willing to cross the lane at that time.

The train incident that was captured by the CCTV cameras and shared on the social media was watched by lots of people on the internet. They all had the views about the safety of the passengers at the railway station. They said that the people should not cross the lane while the vehicle was coming down very fast.

Truly Horrible Incident

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