Tourists See Real Mermaid Near Beach Resort

Two tourists near beach resort got surprised when they just saw real mermaid sitting on the rock in the sea. They both could not believe their eyes as they first thought that it was a seal in the sea but when they zoomed in their camera they were shocked to see the real mermaid.

Beach resort was built near a beautiful sea where many tourists visited to see the beautiful scenes of the waves and the sea. Many seals were seen before at the beach but this time the appearance of the real mermaid shocked every tourist present there.

Two friends were enjoying the lovely scenes at the beach and shooting them in their camera so that they could capture them and remember those moments spent for holidays. At first one of the friend pointed at the rock in the sea. They both thought something like seal sitting on the rock but their thought proved to be wrong when of the friend zoomed in the camera.

Watching from that beach resort, they both got shocked when they all shouted that it was a real mermaid not a sea seal. They both could see it properly and they were exited as well. After sometime that real mermaid just went again in the sea leaving both the friends at the beach surprised. The video of that sea animal went viral as they showed that video to their friends.

That beach resort became quite famous as many other tourists also came at this beach to see if that real mermaid could be seen again. The video of its appearance that was captured by the camera went viral on the social media and on the internet as well. At that beach this sort of incident was never seen before although real mermaid has been seen in other oceans.

Real Mermaid Appears near Beach Resort

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