Tough Camel Gets Smashed by Car

A camel turned out to be a tough camel of the wildlife as it was smashed by the car on the road. The big animal by mistake came on the road that was near to the wildlife are of the forest where many other animals were also kept. That road was near to the area where these animals were kept so that animal also was unlucky to come to that road.

The camel did not look as tough as it was not strongly built but where it was smashed by a small car, it just laid on the front portion of the vehicle and many people thought it to be not alive. But their misconception was sooner vanished when it got up from the car and started to walk like it was not injured badly.

In many countries people might have to go through such areas which could be near the wildlife area. On that particular occasion it was almost the same incident. The driver of the car and other passengers in it were quite shocked as the huge animal came on the road suddenly and never let them manage not to hit the animal.

The camel came right in front of the car on the road and the driver tried his hard to move the car away from the animal but he could not do so. The result was that, it just got smashed by the car and fell on the front portion of the car. The car windscreen also got damaged and was broken. The car was not at full speed otherwise it could have been quite dangerous for the animal of the wildlife.

The camel fell on the front side of the car and could not get up in time. Everybody standing there watched this dangerous collision with the animal and the car and they all thought it to be dead but the animal of the wildlife was lucky enough as it gathered all its power to get up and start walking.

Camel Smashed By Car

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