Topless Females Disturb Muslim Conference in France

Females disturb Muslim conference in France when the speaker was giving speech about Islam and Muslims all around the world. Two female activists of France came on the stage unexpectedly without their shirts on their bodies and started to shout in the mike near the dice. The speaker presenter of Muslims turned their faces towards the walls in shame.

Incident of Muslim conference getting disturbed by those topless females happened in the country where Muslims have been living for quite some time and they wanted to have a gathering on the topic of Islam. It was organized by the Muslims of France who have been living there and the coverage of that event was given to private channels too.

Security guards were also present there in the hall and it was going pretty alright until couple of females of France sabotaged the whole gathering. They tried to distract Muslims who were present there in the hall from listening to the speaker. The speaker stayed away from those girls since he felt quite shameful standing with those girls without shirts.

Video of Muslim conference being disturbed and distracted by those ladies who pretended to be liberal went viral on social media and Muslims all around the globe protested against this event and complained to the officials of France to take strict action against them as it was against the rights of the Muslims.

Event of Muslim conference then was brought back to the normality by the security guards who then took those ladies out of the stage and kept them out of the hall. This was the strangest incident that ever happened in the gathering of Muslims and in France. The video was watched by many people around the globe and they all condemned such behavior of those ladies.

Muslim Conference Gets Distracted by Topless ladies in France

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