Top 10 Crazy Shots in Cricket History played by the top players

Top 10 Crazy Shots in Cricket History played by the top players

. It was supposed to find the facts about the loss of team in the matches. Shahid Afridi appeared before the committee and the video of that statement got leaked. Some one present in that room shared it. The video showed that Shahid Afridi had told the committee that some players in the team had gone to the boundary lines. And they started to impress ladies sitting in the stadium.

Pakistan cricket board held an inquiry to find out the reasons for the loss of team in the overseas tours. The committee did inquire lots of players including the coach and the Captain of the team. Shahid Afridi also gave a statement to the committee that was leaked by some of the cameramen and it was aired on the TV channel as  well.

Indian news channel also reported that news of the private news channel news. It has stressed on the Captain Shahid Afridi statement that there were many players in the team who did not perform their duty well. Shahid Afridi said that he had doubts that some senior players performed only for their individual performance and they never cared about the win.

Pakistan Cricket Board was also worried about the news report of leaked video. The chairman was also concerned about the propaganda that neighboring country was doing while talking about that leaked video. Shahid Afridi has always given his hundred percent so he has been getting love from the nation.

Pakistan cricket board has also shown some concerns about the recent losses of the team in the world cup matches. Shahid Afridi explained everything to the committee and he hoped that all the people sitting there would take some notice to get the issue resolved.

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