Toddler Incident of Wedding Surprises World

Toddler incident of wedding surprised the whole world. The father was doing some magics with its tool to show off at the wedding by pointing in in the air. The father had his little son with him who was hardly one year old. One of the surprising incident that took the heart out of the body of the human, happened there. The little kid was watching is father doing crazy things with the tool in hand.

Wedding incident of toddler with his father was amazing and shocking at the same time. One of the kid present there started to record the incident in his mobile phone. The father did not know what was going to happen with him there at that very next moment. The little kid was really amazed at his father doing and playing stuff with his tool.

The little kid snatched that tool from his father who did not give any attention despite of the fact that it could hurt him as well. As he handed over his tool to the young one, he pushed the trigger that was caused by a little push from the father. Nobody could ever imagine what could have gone wrong there. The father got hurt by the bullet that came out and he fell down.

Little Child at Wedding

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