Toddler Gets Snatched by the Golden Eagle

A golden eagle snatched toddler from the ground and flew away to some distance but luckily the cruel bird of the animal planet lost the grip to the toddler that wasn’t tight enough to take him away. It certainly lost it after covering almost one meter. Parents usually take out their toddlers to the parks on weekends. But an incident nearly took heart of a father when.

He never thought that a golden eagle belonged to the wildlife could come to grab his kid and try to take him away. While the father was taking some stuff out from the bag he took with him the cruel bird which was flying high on the sky showed bad intentions. It was the weirdest incident happened to a toddler. The father was busy with one of his bags when this incident happened.

Toddler’s father was also with them who were also busy shooting the same bird with his camera. Certainly he realized that the wild bird that lived in wild life turned back and came down towards his friend’s kid. He got shocked when the cruel bird came closer enough to the kid and snatched him like he was going to take the kid back to the sky.

The eagle’s paws’ grip wasn’t that strong enough. The friend of the father shouted that made the father of the toddler to take notice of the incident. They both ran towards that wild planet’s bird who grabbed the toddler with his paws. The kid was not also aware of that he was being grabbed and lifted by some bird other than his father or mother.

The golden eagle lost the grip off the toddler and he fell down on the ground. Father and his friend rushed towards him so that they could get rid of the toddler from the bird belonged to the wildlife who almost snatched the toddler. But before they came closer to the toddler, he was again on the ground crying since he fell down from some height. But luckily it did not hurt them his life.

Golden Eagle Lifting a Child

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