Toddler Gets another Life in the Swimming Pool

A toddler got a life by miracle in the swimming pool in an incident which was really unbelievable for the parents. They thanked Almighty Allah for giving another life to their child. At very young age kids usually do not know what they are doing. They do not know have any idea of their activities which could harm them at the same time. So parents have to be very careful and have to keep an eye on their activities.

An unusual incident happened when a toddler by chance went in the corner of the house where the swimming pool was built and his parents used to swim there. The kid was playing with the ball in his hands and moved towards the swimming pool area of the house. The parents and the other family members were busy in doing other home activities.

As the kid neared the water he unintentionally lost the ball from his hands and it fell down in the swimming pool. When the child tried to take the ball out of the pool, he just fell over in the water. In the video one could easily watch that the kid fell in the water while trying to catch the ball from the water.

Usually toddlers just learn to walk in this very age so they do not really have any knowledge to swim unless they are taught. In normal days this kid should have been drowned in the water as he was quite young to swim.                 

The toddler kept on moving his legs by miracle and acted like a trained swimmer which made him float in the water. He did not know what to do. He started to cry for couple of minutes until his father realized him to be in the water. The father then jumped in the swimming pool to catch his baby who started to smile after seeing his dad.

Miracle Saved the life of Toddler

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