Toddler Enjoys Playing with Real Snake

A man made a clip of a three months toddler, who was actually his son, playing with a real snake. They had a bath in the swimming pool and during bath the parents of the kid thrown a deadly reptile into the water. The father got excited when he saw his child playing with it fearlessly and enjoying his time in the pool.

The toddler had grown up playing with this snake as his father had kept reptiles at home as pets. He wanted to tell people that along with the other pets like dogs, fishes and rabbits these deadly reptiles could be kept as pets too. The message which father of three months kid wanted to convey worked well for him once his own son played with reptile in the swimming pool fearlessly.

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The video of toddler playing with the deadly real snake in swimming pool might have looked very disturbing for few people. But once they came to know that the reptile was harmless and it was kept in the home since the kid was born then they felt relax.

So the kid got used to playing with the reptile with no fear. His father also wanted to tell everybody that these reptiles could be loved like other pets. There was an incident reported in the few days back when a kid was bitten by a snake in a park.

Although it has not been confirmed yet whether that kid was playing with some equipment or it happened in reality. The medical care was given to the kid immediately that saved his life in the end. Such sorts of incidents have made reputation of snakes to be very dangerous for the kids.

People have given comments in different ways about this clip of toddler playing with real snake in swimming pool though it was harmless. Few people took it positively by saying that it might help to minimize the fear in kids but only after making sure that snakes are harmless for their kids.

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