Titannica Band Meets Strange Boy in Hospital

A weird boy ever born in Hospital on this planet happened to fulfill his wish when his favorite band of singers came up to meet him to his room where he was being given medical treatment by the senior doctors. The boy was caught with the weird disease that caused his body to shrink but still was able to survive.

The doctors of hospital recommended some medical tests for him as he was getting shrink by the passage of every day. The boy was keen of listening songs of his favorite band called Titannica. This band was contacted by the staff of that medical center so that the boy’s wish could be fulfilled. The band was contacted by the official of that medical center.

Titannica band group showed up to that strange boy who loved their songs very much and it was said that the boy committed to lose his life after their last song. The band was consisted of three men who all came up to meet that little guy who was admitted there for the medical care.

The band members were in hospital but before that they never knew that the kid was suffering from this sort of strange disease. The lady doctor had told them about the condition of the kid and they all were prepared up to meet up that boy who always wished to listen to their songs and always wanted to meet his real heroes.

When they all entered in hospital in his room, the kid got so excited that he could not believe his eyes. He never thought that his favorite band guys ever had come in his dreams. They all had some gifts for the young boy. When they tried to make him wear the gifted shirt, they got really shocked to see the body of the kid which was shrunk like a tiny thing.

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